All things thin. and beautiful <3

My Thinspiration is Leomie Anderson

I have just begun my fight for fitness today 19/08/11
help me by giving me encouragement! :D

Height; 5ft 8inches

My CW; 154
My HW; 160
My LW; 150
My GW1; 150
My GW2; 140
My GW3; 135

My UGW; 130

I dont want to weigh any less than 125lbs :) <3

Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.
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i stopped getting upset and just started going to sleep instead

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Accurate gif is accurate

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also the whole “dad-with-a-shotgun-meeting-the-boyfriend” trope is actually so so not cute and only serves as an example of the creepy absolute ownership that most men think they have over their daughters


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I read this and thought ‘wow that’s nice, I should reblog it’.Then I stopped, and I read it again. Word by word, thinking hard about how I can actually apply this to my life. I’ve read it about 50 times now and I still  can’t get it out of my head; what if we all did this? What if we forgot about fights, sadness, arguments, anger, and embarrassment? What if we lived for the small things and forgot about everything else?Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should ignore important things in life or live with ‘no regrets’. All I’m saying is that it really is true; at the end of the day, all that we should really be thinking about is the little things that made us happy, even if it was for a mere second. 


this is one of my favourite quotes

this is amazing. seriously. im going to start trying to apply this to my life every single day because this is so amazing and i think we all could learn from this quote and make ourselves a happier person!

Lol too bad people don’t do those things to me.

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